Atrium Le 1000 skating rink

Fun fact: My husband insists that this is the location of our first date (like, 50 years ago). Except that I was actually trying to set him up with someone else. Who bailed at the last minute. So it was technically, a not-a-first-date, non-date. 
Surprisingly, he still married me despite my sub-par skating skills!

Fun Fact number 2!: I went to a rave here for the Y2K New Year’s Eve. Remember those days pre-children? Ya, me neither.

So, it’s been a while since I skated at the Atrium, though the big two boys have been a few times over the last couple of years. Now that the little guy is getting into skating, I’ve been trying to find public sessions at the nearby city arenas, but they’re always during nap or after bedtime. (Though I recently found that Kirkland has a FREE session on Sunday afternoons that works!)
While the Atrium is a bit of a hike from the West Island now with all the goddamn traffic detours, it has times that are more convenient for us. There is general public skating, as well as reserved “Tiny Tots Time” on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 12:30pm, for kids 12 and under with their parents. Ask an employee for a skating bar or an adorable helper penguin (which is actually fairly tricky to skate with).

As well as the session for the little people, there are other regular events that take place including “Saturday Craze” with different themed music, “Five Dollar Wednesdays” on Wednesdays after 4pm, “Thursday Student Night” with 2-for-1 admission after 4pm with student ID; as well as special family, Christmas, Valentine, art, and music events. And during the Christmas holidays it’s open every day. Want to get away from the family? It’s even open Christmas and New Year’s Day!
The best place to view upcoming events is on the rink’s Facebook page or scroll down this page to find events. 

Admission prices are quite a bit more than at our local arenas, but if you Google “Atrium skating coupon” there’s always one that pops up. A free admission coupon is also available in the 2016 Montreal Entertainment Coupon Book. For rates and opening hours CLICK HERE!

While we were there we passed a couple of birthday parties, where it looked like you can bring in your own food (but check with them of course) and you have a reserved space with tables and chairs and balloons right beside the rink. Surrounding the rink is a whole food court with free WiFi where you can grab a coffee and muffin. Then another muffin once the first one gets claimed by your kids.

It is SO warm at the rink, that two of my three weirdos skated in shorts. Which just looks wrong. The warm air is great for first time skaters, because they’re (maybe) not going to complain that they’re cold after 3 minutes.
If you don’t have your own equipment, skates and helmets are available for rent in the locker room area, and if you do have your own there is a skate sharpening service. The locker area is down quite a few stairs, so bring someone strong with you if you have a stroller you want to cart down. There isn’t a ton of stroller parking space beside the rink, and I’m not sure I’d be comfortable leaving it outside of the skating area.
Indoor parking is right under the building AND at $6 with the purchase of a skating session – bring your parking ticket to the skating rink attendant to obtain your discount – it’s basically cheaper than leaving the car outside.
As well as free skate, there are child and adult lessons available. 

This would make a nice downtown outing if you want to incorporate skating with some shopping or sightseeing. Or, ditch the kids and go on a musical/light show skating date!

Before going, read the Atrium’s handy-dandy list of Frequently Asked Questions about everything from parking to skate rentals. 

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