Canada’s 150 coolest playgrounds from coast to coast

Canada's 150 playgrounds image 4There are a LOT of birthdays happening this year. I turned 40 (gulp), Montreal turned 375 (looking good Montreal!), and Canada is celebrating its sesquicentennial. Its what?
Sesquicentennial. That’s 150 birthday candles!

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, nine playground writers from across Canada scoured our archives, sifted through city websites, and drooled through playground photo galleries to bring you this EPIC list of Canada’s “150 COOLEST Playgrounds”.
Going on a road trip? We’ve got awesome playgrounds in all ten provinces AND three territories. From Victoria to Gaspé, and Toronto to Inuvik! There are themed playgrounds, natural playgrounds, fully accessible and inclusive playgrounds, in big and small towns.
Grab the kids, some snacks, and get out there to explore this amazing country. 

You can view all 150 parks on this handy dandy list, organized by province/territory and city 

Download the 150 Coolest Parks List HERE

Want to see what we think are the best of the best?
You can view our “featured playgrounds” list at the link below

Download the 25 Featured Playgrounds List HERE

Use the Google Map below to find all 150 “coolest” playgrounds from coast to coast!
Each icon will give you a small preview.
You can find our 25 featured playgrounds on the map by clicking the star icons.

Click HERE for full map view


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