Coolbrooke Park

UPDATE SUMMER 2020 – The playground is being redone.

We google mapped it over to this park and went “Huh?” as it was big, with tons of trees, soccer fields, tennis and baseball….but no playground. 
Oh. It’s because it’s across the street! Just on the East side of Spring Garden is the “Kiddy Korner”, which cracks me up every time I see the archway and sign in a DDO park.

The park/playground is quite pretty with a meandering concrete path (that are quite trip-y, so be careful), small hills and lots of mature trees. There is a big-kid climber from GameTime in the first little valley, set on a wood chip base. And it has stairs. Yeah! They were steep but my little guy had no trouble climbing them 13 times to get to the twirly slide. “Mama, try it. Fun!”
There are also monkey bars, metal ladders and rungs, and a double slide. 

After sharing a Kit Kat on one of the benches, we walked further up the path and came to another little section with the baby swings and a taller stand-alone twirly slide (both on sand), a spinning seat, and a ride-on (super high off the ground) Pokey the Snail

While the path and the park are pretty, having the sections spread out would make watching multiple kids difficult. Also, the big kid swings are in another part, RIGHT beside the road and the roadside parking area. 

***The Coolbrooke chalet with washrooms is located across Spring Garden, next to the tennis courts.


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