Shakespeare Park

We were the only ones at this cute little park, maybe because it was right before dinner? Or because it was pretty much full sun (except for the two ride-ons) on a super hot day?
Anyhoo, we had a good. time. There’s a toddler structure by GameTime with stairs, tic-tac-toe and counting wall panels, slides, a kinda-steep bridge, Clover Challenge ladder, and the Challenge Canyon Bridge (or as I call them, “stairs through the air”). 
There’s also a NOT easy-to-climb big-kid structure by Playworld Systems. Access the bumpy Rumble Seat Slide by the climbing wall, or the metal ladders, and then try out your balance across The Helix, the bar, and scale up the Spine Climber.

My little guy LOVED the two spring riders from Landscape Structures. He was convinced the T-Rex was a horse and there was whole lot of “neighing” and the Rhino-Dino was nice and close to the ground and easy for him to climb into on his own.

There’s also a little forest with some flat trails that goes to the street behind, which was also a good respite from the sun. And while there is fencing (but no gates) all along the road, there’s no fence around the actual playground. 
We had a great time here on our own and he was super duper sad when I pried his sticky little fingers off the “horse” and went home for dinner. So I’ll guess we’ll be back!

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