Dalida Park

This small park has a lovely (almost) new playground with a couple of great GameTime play structures, swings, and a totally cute spring rider. 

Love, love that the big-kid climber has a staircase up to the top as well as more challenging ladders and rungs to the tall slides. 
In the sand are “rocks” to cross, and steps away is the toddler climber with steps, steering wheel, a wavy slide/climber, a walkway to balance across (with a handrail), and a couple of slides. 

A great little park if you have kids of varying ages.

Only negative point here is that while the play equipment is great, the play area needs some TLC in terms of a new picnic table and bench, and the trimming of the dead trees. 

Things to note:
-street parking is available around the park.
-There is some shade over the play area, though a bunch of trees were dead and will probably be trimmed. 
-There’s a drinking fountain and a porta-potty nearby.

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