Bigras Park (Îles-Laval)

I have never, ever been around here, and it’s just so lovely!
We were already in Laval, so took the very long and scenic route to this island, crossed a new(?) bridge and over the train tracks. 
BUT, you could also take the summer ferry across from Ile Bizard and it’s just a stone’s throw away!

This is the only park on this small island, and the playground has been completely redone to include some great play structures, new fencing and landscaping. 

The two wood cabin and nautical themed play structures from GameTime have slides, vines and ropes to cross, and the toddler climber has a small staircase up to the mini double slides.
In the sand you’ll also find a cute spring rider, a stand-up spinner, sand shovel, and two baby and two adult swings. 

Things to note:
-The playground is all on sand and is partially fenced. 
-Nearby are acrylic tennis courts, a baseball/softball field, and a chalet that had a sign for bathrooms but was locked. 
There’s a parking lot beside the chalet. 
-There were a whole bunch of porta-potties in the parking lot, but I think they may have been there for the sandbagging volunteers as we were there right after the spring flooding cleanup. 

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