Hébert Park

This LARGE park has something for everyone.
You’ll find:
Baseball, basketball, tennis, bocce, outdoor fitness equipment, a lovely wading pool with a beach entry, two playgrounds, and the Stade Hébert with a synthetic soccer-football fields. 

The two play areas are located right near the parking lot and my big kid really liked the large and colourful Playworld structure with ladders and rungs, funky slides, a rock wall, and lots of ropes and cables to climb nearby. In this area are the adult swings. 
Just steps away is the toddler zone with a cute GameTime climber with a rock to climb, slides, a steering wheel up top, and the planets/space panel. There are also seat spinners in the sand, two of those frightening “what animal is this!” spring riders, an atv spring rider, and four baby swings.

Wander around and you’ll see the cheery bocce courts, the exercise equipment near the stadium, and of course there’s the adorable wading pool at the centre.
With its beach entry and fun critters, kids will enjoy going down the log and pelican slides, or standing under the fountain. The pool was closed when we visited, so the crap pictures are from me literally standing in the bushes and aiming the camera over the fence. And then doing the “are there spiders on me?!?!” dance. You’re welcome!

Things to note:
-A parking lot is located on Boulevard Provencher, near the chalet/wading pool and playgrounds. 
-The playgrounds have minimal fencing (just along the road). Both are on sand.
-The chalet was locked when we visited in late summer, as the wading pool was closed for the day, but there should be bathrooms available inside.
-Visit THIS PAGE to find the hours for the wading pool. OR, call ahead as wading pools have a tendency to close suddenly for….code browns. 

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