Giuseppe-Garibaldi Park

What a lovely, giant park!

Things that you’ll find at this park: A beautiful new baseball field, basketball court, permanent ping pong tables, bocce, a sledding hill, a renovated wheelchair-accessible pavilion, a pool, soccer, tennis, a splash pad, outdoor fitness equipment, walking trails, shaded picnic tables, and of course playgrounds!

The two play areas are a mix of older and new equipment. The nice little toddler area has the super-duper Sensory Wave Climber (which is one of my favourite new products) and is great for younger kids who want to just crawl along, or touch one of the sensory panels along the side. There’s also a new fish-themed music station with bongos and other instruments, two baby swings, and a small play structure with monkey bars, slides, and a ladder (no stairs). It’s cute, it’s compact, but I’m going to guess it’s not big enough for the size of the park. 
Right beside the parking lot, and separated by a fence, is the section for older kids with another new climber (again fish-themed) with ladders, gizmos to play with, a tall slide, and various puzzles throughout, including one at ground level. There’s also an older climber with monkey rings and cables to cross. In the surrounding sand are a couple of adult swings, and a rope spinner. 

Adjacent to the toddler playground is the splash pad, which is not within the pool fencing, but rather open to the whole park. Which is how I prefer it. Run around through the playground, have a snack under the nicely shaded picnic table area, and run back through the water. 
If you want to work out, the new fitness equipment is quite near the playground, and just beside the picnic area. There are also tons of benches and small tables nearby. 

Things to note:
-According to the city the splash pad hours are 8am-8pm. Touch the sensor to turn on the water sequence.
-Pool info can be found HERE. Please call them for any questions. 
-Don’t do like me and park on the street, just go around the corner and you’ll find a super convenient parking lot right on Rue Liénart by the playgrounds and pavilion. 
-Neither the playgrounds or the splash pad are fenced.
-Both playgrounds are on sand.
-Bathrooms are available inside the new pavilion. There were no posted hours but it should follow the opening hours of the park. 

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