Aimé-Léonard Park

I knew there was a splash pad here, but I wasn’t expecting this BEAUTY!
On a trip up this way in early, early spring (hence the complete lack of any greenery 🙁 ), we stopped into this park for some run-around time, and to see if we could spot any ducks in the river (we didn’t). ⇒ Insert double-sad-face here. 

Besides the lovely splash pad, which wasn’t yet on for the season, there’s also a fun playground, picnic areas, outdoor fitness equipment, and a whole lot of other activities happening in this park. 

We puttered under the gazebo, which would be a great spot for a snack, or to get a bit of shade during the summer, ran through the grass, and tried out the different park equipment.

The playground here has great spring riders (a bumblebee and a spaceship!), a giant wobbly balance beam, and two large-ish play structures. There are also baby and adult swings. The smaller structure has stairs, various slides and a little climbing wall; while the larger structure ALSO has stairs (hooray!) ladders, monkey bars, a crawl tunnel, slides, and a climbing wall. It should be fun for a variety of ages. I liked that my little guy could also easily access the larger structure because of the stairs. 

The new splash pad is near the play area, but separated by the shade structure. There are picnic tables close by, and plenty of room to spread out a blanket. You’ll find some cool and modern products from Waterplay including Splash Blasters, perfect for aiming at siblings, tall sprayers and misters. 

Things to note:
-Splash pad hours and info can be found HERE. The water should be on from 10am-8pm. Touch the sensors to start the water sequence. 
-This large park also connects with bike paths, has toilets available in the chalet, and you can even rent sea kayaks, rabaskas or small electric boats. You can visit THIS LINK for all the rental details from La Route de Champlain. The same link brings you to the yoga, dance, and fitness classes offered in the park. 
-The playground is all on sand. There is NO fencing. 

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