Souvenir Park

This little neighbourhood park was just completely redone, so we zipped on out to Pincourt to have a look. And for a small park, it’s got some GREAT new equipment for both toddlers and big kids. 

It’s the first park in Montreal where I’ve seen the interactive Play Biba! mobile app that gives you games to be used with the park equipment.  So make sure to bring your phone with you if you want to try it out; you can download the free app from iTunes and Google Play. Want to read more about Biba? You can find info HERE

I’m not too sure how I feel about using technology in playgrounds…The kids like it, but I’d just as soon leave my phone in the car. But then, they’re already playing on the climbers, why not make it even more interactive? But then they want to use my phone, and I’m on new screen #3. 
So ya, I’m on the fence. 

Even if you don’t use the app, this park is a load of fun and you can still find the different coloured pictures scattered around the playground. “MommeeeeeEEE! This one is purple!”
The new equipment from Little Tikes Commercial is easy enough for the little ones, and challenging enough for older kids. The toddler structure has stairs, “log slice” and rock climbers, a ground level ledge and steering wheel, and slides. It’s right beside the one baby swing, and the super cool parent-child Generation swing. 

Scamper over to the larger climber and you can hover around while your almost 5-year old tried to get up the trickier slides. There’s the log ladder and tree to climb, ladders and log stumps. I forbade my guy from going through the brightly coloured rings as they were just a bit too high for my liking, but his older brother would love them. However, he did make it up to the tall slides and was immensely proud of himself 🙂
Two adult swings (the kind that pinch my butt!) are just beside. 

The park “before”.
Things to note:
-There’s limited shade, though there are some mature trees around the edge of the play areas. 
-No fencing at all. 
-THREE picnic tables!
-Everything is on sand. 


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