Bellevue Park

What a spot!
This was one of the first parks that we visited wayyy back in 2014, and though we’ve been back a couple of times since then, I’d never updated the pictures. 
On a BEAUTIFUL spring day, we spent the morning at the Parc historique de la Pointe-du-Moulin in NDIP, then drove all the way around the island before stopping here for some playing, and a great food-truck picnic beside the water. 
Did I say food truck? 
I sure did!
The D-Burger truck is parked here for the summer, and we partook in some delicious burgers, hot dogs and fries. If you’re going to this park specifically for food, I HIGHLY recommend sending them a message before going to make sure they’re open. Their Facebook page is HERE

Bellevue Park might top the list as the park with the best view. It was so nice sitting beside the water at a picnic table and feeling the breeze. There were also people strolling and biking by along the path, laying in the grass, and sitting under the small gazebo. 

If your kids like pirates, they’ll love it here. The toddler climber from Little Tikes Commercial is a pirate boat complete with wheel, treasure chests and room to walk around. It is accessible by (steep) stairs, the Pommel Climber, a twirly metal ladder, and has a couple of slides coming back down into the “sea” of sand.

Adjacent is the larger Caribbean-themed climber with it’s thatched roof and various ways to get up including the Wings of Infinity Climber and a vertical rock climbing wall. The little one tried out the curved rope wall and the Hula Loop round ladder. While he couldn’t get up to the top, I was told that the view was “grrrrreat Matey!”
With the beach, the ship, and the palm tree, it’s just like being on vacation in the tropics! Sort of. 

There are also 2 baby and 2 big swings, a large soccer field/greenspace, tennis courts, and lots of space to lounge around.

Things to note:
-There’s *some* fencing around the playground, pretty much just beside the parking spaces. 
-All the playground equipment is on sand.
-Watch out for cyclists on the path near the playground as (my) kids tend to dart across without looking. 
-The washrooms are marked as open from 9-8:30, but I doubt that’s year round. They’re near the intersections of Rue Bellevue & Avenue Monseigneur-Langlois, right near the parking lot. 
-On previous visits there has been a long dock going out into the water, perfect for sunset photo shoots. 
-While the kids were in the shallow water (just up to their knees, it’s not for swimming), a fisherman told me that there are leeches in the water. So we skedaddled out of there quickly!

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