de la Vérendrye Park

This is marked as a playground for kids “2-6”, and while it’s pretty toddler friendly, I think older kids would also enjoy the climber.
For the size of this park, I was pretty surprised that there’s only this toddler part. We walked around, saw the array of tennis courts, the football field, but no other playground. Anyhoo!

The play structure is quite new, and has stairs, ladders, a (safe) bridge, and various slides. In the surrounding sand are a couple of saddle seat spinners, two baby and two big-kid swings, and a sand digger. There are also some benches around the edge. Not super exciting, but the daycare that was just leaving when we arrived seemed pleased enough. 

Things to note:
-The small playground is on sand.
It was pretty much full sun around noon, there *may* be shade later in the day. 
-The playground is fully fenced on all sides but with an open gate near the chalet.
-The lovely, sparkly chalet has bathrooms, but was locked when we were there about mid-day, and there are no signs with opening hours. HOWEVER, there is a porta-pottie at the entrance to the tennis courts.
-The playground is on Rue Drake at the base of Rue Jacques Hertel. Street parking is available but read the signs VERY carefully!
-There are NINE full size tennis courts, and four mini courts at this park. You can find more info HERE.

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