des Bouleaux Park

So sparkly and colourful! 
This park was a delight. With its two great climbers (the toddler one is like a mini version of the big one), stand-up spinners, a rocket spring rider, new swings, an adaptive swing (WITH A RAMP INTO THE WOOD CHIPS!), and picnic tables and benches, it all looks just about brand new, but is already a couple of years old. 

The big-kid climber is tall and impressive, with a biiiiig twirly slide, rock climbing wall, lots of ladders, and some tricky dicky ladders. 
There are no stairs so little ones will have to just stare forlornly from the ground 🙁

OR, they can just run across to the toddler climber which has stairs, a scaled-down version of the twirly slide, double slides, and a crawl tunnel. 
In the sand is a rocket spring rider, and four baby swings.

Things to note:
-Street parking is available in front.
-The park has picnic tables and a drinking fountain.
-There’s no fencing, but the play areas are set back from the road. 

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