du Grand-Pré Park

Well, that was a nice surprise.

The city’s website still shows the park pre-renovation, so it was a bit of an “oh!” when we drove up the street. 
This large park has soccer fields, a giant parking lot, a wheelchair-accessible porta-potty, picnic tables, drinking fountain, and a nice playground. 

We immediately beelined for the shiny new Jambette play structure that is a good 2-in-1 as there are stairs, a steering wheel and small slides on the one side; cross over the high stair-bridge and there’s a taller slide as well as a climbing wall. 
Some of the older products are still here including some racing spring riders, an old school metal climber, monkey bars, and a realllly old merry-go-round. 
There’s also a stand-up seesaw, a small mosquito cable climber perfect for toddlers, and on the other side of the picnic tables are adult and baby swings.

Bonus: While we were at the park a whole bunch of little planes were circling overhead as they landed and took off from the nearby Saint-Lazare airport. Fun!

Things to note:
-The playground is mostly sunny though there is a bit of shade under a tree that’s in the middle. 
-There is no fencing. 
-Everything is on sand. 

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