Vallée-Chaline Park

It smelled like camping, and trees, and s’mores.
Ok, maybe we were just hoping for the s’mores, but it did smell divinely nature-y at this playground. 

This little park, just below highway 340, has quite a bit of fun equipment, a soccer field, tennis court, and even a water fountain and a wheelchair-accessible porta-potty!
And if you’re staying for a bit, there are picnic tables in the shade near the playground.

The playground is a quirky mix of old-school and new equipment, and you’ll find a metal merry-go-round (the kind from your childhood), some gymnastic apparatus beside the adult swings, and a whole bunch of fun products from Jambette. 
Toddlers will love having their own easy-to-climb slide, and just beside is the always popular (with mine at least) little dino/submarine. Contort yourself inside and there are gears and levers to…launch your dino into space or beneath the waves. 
For little ones there’s also the seal seesaw, a mini cable climber, and a couple of baby swings.
Older kids can play on the larger structure with its slide, vertical spiderweb wall, and monkey bars.

Things to note:
-There is no fencing around the playground. 
-Everything is on sand.
-Because of the abundance of trees, it was quite buggy when we were there in early June. So bring bug spray if you’re planning on staying a while. 
-The tennis courts are locked ” vous devez vous procurer une clé au Service des loisirs.”

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