Prévost, Québec – du Clos-Fourtet Park

Merci à Miss-Ty qui m’a suggéré ce parc!

Funnily enough, we’d actually already been to one park in this town, when we were puttering around on our way back home one trip. And as cute as that park was (you can read it HERE), it pales in comparison to this MASSIVE PIRATE SHIP park.

This ship is big. It’s tall. And it’s super cool. I’m a total sucker for themed equipment and love the sails and flags adorning the boat. Stairs lead you up to the first level, where there are small slides; or travel up the sort of ramp to get to the twirly slide and the huge tube slide. Smaller kids can climb around at ground level, and hang out in the bow searching for treasure and climbing through the portholes. 
As well as the huge play structure you’ll also find a small climber for younger children with easy stairs, multiple slides, a crawl tube, and a tic-tac-toe panel. 
Nearby are four adult and four baby swings.

If you’re heading up North, this park is located not too far from the la Porte du Nord and would make a cool pitstop along your travels. Grab some takeout at one of the restaurants on the highway, and then cross over the Rivière du Nord to the park. There are benches and picnic tables scattered around so you can sit and enjoy your extra-large coffee 😉

Things to note:
-The park is fully fenced but there are no gates.
-The play equipment is on wood chips, and there is a small sandbox area.
-The bathroom automatically unlocks when the park opens at 8am, and locks at 7pm. Inside you’ll find a toilet, sink, baby changing station, and a drinking fountain (with a stool!). 
-You’ll also find a community sharing garden here. Grab a tomato and do a little weeding at the same time!

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