La Porte-du-Nord

If you’ve ever travelled up north from Montreal, you’ll know this spot. 
A “fill up on gas, empty the bladder, and grab some food” place before heading to skiing/tubing/hiking/biking/lounging on a lake……
And lo and behold, there’s a playground right in front of the McDonald’s. The two big boys had gone on a day trip up north and this is the playground they chose to “guest review”. 
StrollerDad said he was unimpressed, but I think this is a welcome place to let the kids loose for a few minutes before strapping them back in the car. 
There are two spring riders, and the mega-creepy bug-inspired Xyrä-1 from Quebec-based Jambette. This climber has all sorts of ways to creep up and swing, and there’s even a stand-up spinner. 

It’s fully fenced but not gated and is on a clean wood chip base. 
At this mega rest stop you’ll also find tourist information, a couple of restaurants, picnic tables, gas, and ATMs. See the full list of services HERE

p.s. the boys noticed a solar panel in the bug’s head but couldn’t figure out what it’s for. Thoughts? Do its eyes glow at night? If not, they should ’cause that would be cool. 
I watched this video and I still don’t know why!

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