Émile-Zola Park

This park has a lot of the same equipment that we’ve seen at other Laval parks, but luckily we like them all!

Toddlers can climb the wide steps of the little play structure, play at ground level, use the small slides, or climb across the ropes to the taller slide. 
In the sand are a couple of spring riders, and a four-kid spring rider. 

Steps away is a funny Kompan balance board, and a tall and challenging climber with tons of bars to cross and swing from, and ropes to climb. I love that this particular model also has stairs for those who might find the other ways up to the tall slide too daunting, or who may the extra support. 

There are also big and baby swings.

While you’re here take a walk along the paths that circle the Zone de préservation and take in the various birds and insects twittering around the shrubs and trees. 

Things to note:
-Street parking is available in front of the park, be nice to the neighbours.
-There is no fencing and no shade.

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