George Springate Park

We’ve driven by this park a few times but it’s always been too busy to take pictures. Finally on a Saturday afternoon in Mid-September, we were able to stop and play and review!

This is a great modern playground with two really interesting and original climbers.

The toddler structure from Kompan has all sorts of activities on top, on the sides and even underneath! There is a slide that I almost had to fold myself in half to fit down (so it’s perfect for toddlers!), “binoculars”, a small rope ladder, a vertical rope wall, different levels to access and a mini rock climbing wall. Even the wall panels are interesting with different textures. But it wasn’t until we were about to leave that we noticed the little hammock. Cute!

We’d previously seen the large Evos® play structure at Heritage on the Lake Park (also in Pierrefonds, worth a look!), and it is really unique. My big guy got himself through the O-Zone rings but was a bit intimidated by the very small metal steps to get up to the Rush Slide. There’s also a giant vertical rope spiderweb for climbing. The big arches hold up the rings as well as the Ring Tangle Climber and the Gyro Twister stand-up spinner.

Also in the playground are big and baby swings, three colourful spring riders from Landscape Structures and a stand-up seesaw.

This is a huge complex, complete with tennis, running track, baseball and I think a football stadium off in the distance. I’m assuming it is mostly used by the adjoining high school during the day. As well, there is a forest to the north of the park (not stroller friendly). If we’d had more time we would have checked out more of the sporting facilities and walked around the forest. Next time!

We parked in a lot just behind the park, but it *might* be for the high school. This park doesn’t have the most picturesque location and is on a busy street, but it does have some neat equipment. There is fencing on three sides, no gates and it has limited shade.

Toddler park (2-5)
Fenced toddler park
Baby swings
Big kid park (5-12)
Big kid swings
Parking lot
Street parking
Water fountain
Picnic tables
Seasonal Bathrooms
Green space
Soccer fields
Baseball field
Tennis courts
Splash pad
Reduced mobility swings
Dep nearby

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