Anderson Park

We lucked out again as we came to our third Pierrefonds park of the morning. Another great toddler climber!

This one from Miracle Recreation is fairly new, with a great staircase, rope ladder, a metal corkscrew climber, double slides, steering wheelsteel tic tac toe wall, a ground-level Welcome Door, and a trio of Bongo Steps with rails. It’s shiny, it’s clean! It’s easy for toddlers.

Just beside is the wonderful Lucky the Ladybug spring rider and a couple of baby swings.

Adjacent is the bigger kid section (both sections are on sand), with an ok climber from Landscape Structres with sky wheels, wiggly ladder, a tall slide, and corkscrew ladder; some swings and GameTime’s mildly creepy Lil Wum Caterpillar climber. You’d swear this thing has been here since 1970, but nope, they’re still producing it! The little one is currently fascinated with bugs so he was pretty mesmerized by the giant one, but couldn’t actually DO anything on it.
Hopefully, they’ll replace the slightly burnt(!) climber on this side and make it equal to the awesomeness on the toddler side.
The park also needs some TLC from the horticulture department as it looks like there should be a nice garden by the benches, but instead it’s just…..weeds and dirt.

We visited around 11am on a sunny day and the trees on the south side were casting some good shade. The park is also fully fenced and gated.


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