de Versailles Park

It was a bit tricky trying to drive to this park as it seemed like every street had something blocking it. I’m glad we persevered because it was well worth the hassle!

There are two great climbers from Quebec’s Jambette, and they are right beside each other. Perfect with kids of different ages/abilities.
The toddler climber has a great staircase with slides, room to walk on the curved bridge, a mini climbing wall with deep foot wells, binoculars, and an interesting rope climber.

The big climber is BIG. With tons to do! Monkey rings, a rope bridge, tons of ways to get up including the Jurassic Climber, the interesting Leaf Climber, slides, climbing wall…..Very creative and entertaining. Everywhere you look you’ll see another little spot to climb, or someplace else to swing from.
Both kids were really happy playing here.

We could see the water at the north end of the park, so we made our way over and were rewarded with a family of ducks who were having a snack along the water’s edge. Peaceful and fun.

Note: while there are many mature trees, there are none along the southern edge of the playground so I don’t think there will be much midday shade. There is also no fencing around the play area and it is directly in front of the pool’s parking lot. 
Also, there are no swings or spring riders here, JUST the two climbers.

Fun fact: While I love the manufacturer of these climbers (Jambette) their posted sign stating the child capacity for each one is pretty funny. 78 for the large climber and 27 for the toddler climber??? HAHA!

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Fenced toddler park
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