Windermere Park

In search of a shady park on a hot and sunny afternoon, the little one and I wandered around until I remembered about this park. There are nice mature trees on the South and West sides plus a treed area, AND a little forest to walk through.
There are THREE climbing structures here, they’re all right beside each other, and all of them have stairs.
They’re while they’re all a bit older and faded, my kids didn’t really care. Actually, the toddler cared, because toddlers are picky. 

The small climber by Landscape Structures has a wide easy-to-climb platforms, double and tube slides, a tunnel, steering wheel panel, a ground level Image Panel with brown and white dials to turn, and a window to (kinda) see through. Or to knock on and yell at your mom on the other side.
There are two other structures, both with stairs, but they also have drop offs and are probably meant for the older set. There are monkey rings, twirly metal ladders, ladder walls, and slides.

My little guy loved the oak tree and made a collection of leaves and acorns which he then sent, one-at-a-time, down the slide. After THAT excitement, he went to join some other people on their picnic near the soccer fields, and after throwing away his hat in a fit of toddler rage (because I wouldn’t let him run with a straw in his mouth), we walked through the woods near Montrose and the school.
We (he) also had a blast balancing on the bleachers and running “Eeeeeeeeee gablada dooooooooo!” across the baseball field.
Oh, and there are also baby and big swings. And a sand shovel. And two very close to the ground spring riders which he could get in and out of on his own.
We had a good time here, and bonus: the chalet was open so we were able to wash the grubbiness off his sticky grass-and-dirt covered paws. No fencing and it’s a bit close to the road. There are some benches in the playground area and a picnic table off to the side. 
NEW in 2017: A Generation parent-child swing has replaced one of the baby swings. If you want to swing WITH your child, this is a very cool design that lets you do just that! You can find more parks with parent-baby swings by clicking that TAG on the website. 

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