Christmas Park

Edited late fall 2015: One of the big-kid swings has been replaced with a new adaptive swing.
Edited (again) summer 2017: Weirdly, the adaptive swing has now been replaced by a parent-child swing. Maybe because putting an adaptive swing on sand is rather useless?

This park isn’t amazing or huge, but it’s all about the shade!
This could be the best toddler climber we’ve been on so far (edited in 2015: Since we first visited we’ve seen some WAY bigger and better toddler climbers, but this one is still cute 🙂 ).
The climber is a decent size with multiple small slides, stairs, lots of room to walk around and wide platforms. And a steering wheel. Phew. The littlest one “drove” while his big brother ran laps around and around the two bridges. I realllly like the safety of this one as opposed to some other toddler structures that are crazy high, or have no stairs, or no room for an adult on it too. The small guy was so comfortable up there he had a pretend nap on the bridge.  Complete with fake snoring. So. Cute.
His favourite past were the two wide bridges as one curves up and one curves down. While the downward curved bridge isn’t as steep as some of the other (dangerous) ones that we’ve seen, itty-bitty guys might need some help. 

The big-kid climber was ok. Slides, a roller log, metal rungs and ladders, monkey bars and a big platform. But no stairs.
My 6-year old got stuck at the top of the old-school metal climber. Like a cat in a tree. Seeing as there were no firemen around (sigh), I got to climb up to the top and guide him down.
There’s a tire swing, baby and big swings, a stand-alone metal rung climbing wall (repaired since I took the picture), and a break-your-teeth metal balance beam.
TONS of shade here thanks to the beautiful trees and room to roam. While watching them play I daydreamed about living on Old Lakeshore road and which house I’d own. One day. One day.
Because of the crazy little one, we didn’t venture across the street to the water’s edge this time. But there’s a little boat launch at a park called St. Louis at the base of….St. Louis. Very pretty but either need a leash for the toddler or wait until he’s older.

There’s no fencing at Christmas Park and while it is set back a bit from the road, there is a small parking lot right beside the play areas. 

NOTE: This park is used by the elementary school for their after school daycare, so it turns from calm to chaos pretty quickly. 

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  • Nicola says:

    This is the first park that I deliberately checked out based on your recommendation. It was great! My 3 year old loved the bridges and slide, and also the balance beam that he could hold on to the rails for added balance. My 10 month old also had fun crawling on the bridges and in the baby swing. The shade was by far the best part. We felt like we were in the middle of a forest!

    Thanks for all the great work you do on this site! Such interesting information for young families.

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