Vincent Park (Châteauguay)

As part of a $3.8 park renovation project throughout some Châteauguay’s parks,  the city has completely updated and revitalized Vincent Park. 
We visited just after its opening and were treated to some new-to-us play products, shade (!), and a lovely new splash pad.

There’s a lot to do in the large nautical-themed space, and if you have kids who want to stay dry, or kids who want to splash, it’s fairly easy to see all parts of the playground and the splash pad from the centre of the park.

Over in the big-kid section are tons of apparatus that are great for climbing, swinging, and balancing across. My littlest one loved all of the ropes and footholds, and tried out the tall slide (with stairs!) and the interesting sensory wall. You could make your own Ninja Warrior Course and get a whole crew into a challenge on who can get around the climbing wall and sky wheels the fastest. Make sure to check out the SUPER bouncy in-ground trampolines because they are awesome!

Smaller kids have the CUTEST pirate ship complete with items to touch and turn, a big tunnel, a telescope for spotting land, stairs throughout, and a fun and active game that will have kids searching above and below the ship. In the surrounding wood chips are a seesaw/bouncer, a sphere for some alone time, and FIVE different kinds of swings including adult, baby, tandem, adaptive, and a saucer swing. 

The splash pad is enormous and the theme carries over into the huge anchor, 

Things to note:

  • The splash pad is on from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Press the sensors to turn on the water sequence. The water will go off automatically.
  • A wheelchair-accessible porta-potty is located near the playground.
  • There are some wheelchair-accessible picnic tables.
  • The play areas are on wood chips. 
  • Mature trees provide some shade around the play areas. 
  • There is no fencing, though the play equipment is set in the middle of the park. 

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