Letarte Park

After a dinner-time trip to Walmart (Gad, I miss Target!), we picked up some McDonald’s (stop judging, you do it too), and got it to-go. This park had been on our to-do list for a while but last time there was a pee emergency and we didn’t even make it out of the car. “Hi park. Bye park!”

We ate at the picnic table near the apple tree, and then the boys set about exploring. There are two decent sized climbers, both on wood chips and fairly close to each other. It’s a small neighbourhood park and I had no problems at all watching them as they stayed in separate areas.

The big-kid climber from Miracle Recreation is not toddler-accessible as there are no stairs, but there are Hover Beam monkey bars, the Twisted vine climber with itty-bitty steps, metal rungs and ladders, a slide, and a big funnel slide. 

The toddler climber has stairs, a crawl tunnel, slides, metal rungs, and a pretend phone on which everyone had to take a turn.
“Hello? grandma?”

There are a couple of baby and big-kid swings (on those weird stands that Kirkland favours), and as of 2018 there are three new colourful spring riders including a 4-kid octopus. So cute! There’s also a new sand box close to the toddler area. 

The trees are too far from the actual play area to provide shade, but there are quite a few trees surrounding it. The park is fenced but with open gates. It’s a pretty quiet, relaxing neighbourhood park, and the boys had a fun time until bedtime! 

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