Maple Ridge Park

Trees, horses and a big fun climber? Check!
Just driving down here relaxed us as we passed by little farms and horses “Hello horsies!”. Even the smell of the pines and big trees put us in a good mood. 

Access the park from Rue Bellevue OR Rue Maple Ridge. There’s a little bit of space to park on both streets right at the entrance to the park. 

We toddled up the sandy grass and got into some serious playing.
There are three nice spring riders (motorcycle, kangaroo, and…something else), though all of them were filthy, like they need an after-winter power washing. And we finally saw another seal teeter-totter!
There are two climbers here: an old dirty small climber with stairs, a steering wheel, slide, and a slightly dangerous and steep/slippery/ankle-twisting wooden bridge.

Then, there is a beautiful, creative, and elaborate big climber from Quebec-based Jambette that is good for both toddlers AND big kids. I’m guessing the older one is the original play structure and the city just kept it around when they renovated.
The large climber has so many little details and ways to climb up and down and across.
For younger kids they can go up the easy-ish footprint path to access the steering wheel, the safe bridge and the double slides. Mine was happy with just doing that circuit over and over and over again. While he did that, I checked out the rest: The elevated rope bridge (I was too chicken), the vertical spiderweb, ladders, rock climbing wall, steep steps, and I looked at the monkey bars because I can’t do them to save my life. Lots to do and really fun. 

Everything is very close together so shorty was able to climb the toddler-sized Mosquito cable climber while I slid on the big structure. 

A really good “neighbourhood park”.

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Fenced toddler park
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Big kid park (5-12)
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