Rosemary-Brown Park

ARGH. I filmed such pretty video for this splash pad, dodging a daycare and listening to mine complain about being wet (?), and then moved all my files to an external hard drive before writing this up and lost the video clips somewhere along the way. 
Thankfully, all the photos were intact! Phew. You would have heard me crying from your house had they been gone. 

This is quite a lovely park, with a bright and cheery splash pad, tons of spots to picnic (including right beside the water area), a nicely treed green space, and nearby playgrounds for both big and little kids. 
The splash pad (formerly a wading pool) has misting rings, tipping buckets, a mini sprayer for little ones, water cannons, ground jets, and tall cascading streams. Touch the top of the purple post to turn on the water sequence. 

Past all the picnic tables is the playground, with both big and toddler areas kind of within eyesight of each other, but partially obscured by some shrubbery. There’s a large play structure for older kids with ropes to climb, a slanted rock wall, pods to cross, bouncers, and slides. Nearby are a couple of adult swings. The toddler play area has baby and adult swings, and an elaborate GameTime climber that has tons to do and was covered in kids. I did some pretty stealthy picture taking here!
There are slides, wobbly climbers, monkey bars, ground-level steering wheel, rings, and spinners and a dinosaur spring rider in the surrounding sand. 

Things to note:
-The regular splash pad hours are from 8am-9pm. You can read more HERE
-The playground is not fenced, and the splash pad has some fencing closest to the road. 
-Both playgrounds are on sand. 
-There was some shade over the playground, but I can’t guarantee it’s like that all day! Lots of shade under the trees though with benches and picnic tables scattered throughout. 
-The chalet does not seem to be currently open. You can check the schedule HERE

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