Mont-Bleu Park

The boys were excited when I said we were going to a “treehouse park”. The last time we saw a treehouse-themed climber was at the amazing Nathan Shuster Park in Côte Saint-Luc, and while this park is much, much smaller and missing the zipline, it’s a pretty great little park with a lot more than you’d expect.
The 3-year old said “Dat was a vewy, vewy good pawk” and he’s seen a LOT of them, so it must be good!
The playground is on a quiet residential street and is fenced and gated by the road, while open to the surrounding forest on the sides and back. All the play equipment is on sand and is close enough together that you’ll have good sight lines wherever you stand. There are benches, a picnic table, and even a drinking fountain!
It smelled fantastic and with the quiet woods behind, was super relaxing. I wouldn’t call this a destination park, but it’s a really, really good neighbourhood park. 

The larger play structure by Landscape Structures is full of bits to explore. While it’s geared towards 5-12 year olds, there is an easy to climb staircase (though there are openings at the top, so be careful) up to the high slide, fireman pole, and the “log” stepping stones. You can also access the top by climbing the tree or the wooden plank ladder.
My 7-year old loved jumping off the logs, trying out the monkey bars and spinning sky wheel; while the toddler twittered at the squirrel and raccoon peaking out from the trees. He also traced the little finger maze in the tree stump and spun around on the twirly seat. 

The toddler climber has a staircase, as well as a metal rung ladder and a mountain climbing wall. There’s a twirly slide, periscope (that worked!), and some room to walk around on the top. 
In the surrounding sand is a horse spring rider, a spinning seat, sand digger, and two big and two baby swings. 

There isn’t a ton of equipment but it’s all so well done and creative that we stayed a lot longer than we planned, and only went home because we ran out of snacks and it was lunch time!

It was such a beautiful sun-shiny November day that I tried to get some pictures of the boys in the bright forest, but I’m not sure anyone wants a picture of one grimacing, and one falling off a log as their Christmas card photo. Fail. 

p.s. the park does not show up on Google Maps, so punch in “111 Rue Racine, Pincourt” to your GPS and it’ll take you there. 

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