Montreuil Park (Saint-Constant)

This park was just inaugurated in July of 2019, and includes all new play equipment, landscaping, and furnishings. 

I’d say the highlight of this park is the stunningly beautiful rope and tamarack (larch?) “globe” which is basically a piece of art. It’s actually one of the coolest structures I think I’ve seen in a park! 
Also, I want this in the backyard of my mega-mansion.
When I get one.
With the millions* I get by writing about playgrounds.
Sidetrack, my parents have a forest of tamarack on their farm and it’s one of the most beautiful spots. Eerily calm and always sort of misty. I want to play paintball there. 

Nearby are a trio of spinner bowls and stand-up spinners. They sort of look like they’re staring at the mothership. And saying “ALLO!’ in a British accent. 

Then there are…more spinner bowls, and an interesting swing/balance thing that is hella hard. 
A cute ladybug spring rider, and a small sand table are the rest of the ground-level products. 
(I just pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose, except I’m not wearing them. AWESOME.)

The green and purple play structure has a colour combo that I often mock, but surprisingly, it works here! This climber has (steep) stairs, funky blocks, and a fun twirly slide.

In another petal (the park layout is like a giant flower, look on Google Satellite view!), are baby swings, and adult swing, the great Expression Swing, and an adaptive swing. 

You can read about some of the changes HERE.
The article mentions that the park is also for “jeunes à mobilité réduite”, which I’d disagree with. It seems like there should be a ramp/access point to the swing area, but there isn’t, and though the spinner bowls are accessible, I wouldn’t say there’s much else that is. 

*makes zero dollars. 


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