Goncourt Park

What a playground!

So colourful, so different, and so much to offer kids of all ages. Fenced on three sides, but without gates, the playground has a fantastic and challenging Little Tikes Commercial structure with huge metal rings to crawl through, a climbing wall, a really neat ball to cross over, pods to jump across, ropes, spinners, and tall slides. There are a myriad of ways to get around, and doing a timed obstacle course would be super fun here. There are also ground-level panels including a steering wheel, and music. It’s all very whimsical and weird, just how we like things 😉 
There are also adult swings, and an adaptive swing (there’s a cutout in the concrete border in both play areas).

Just on the other side of the path is the super cute toddler area. There are lovely spring riders here including the 2-kid bumblebee, a cheery whale, car, snail, and ladybug. The play structure has a ground-level window/door and a steering wheel, and there are easy -to-climb stairs up to the slide. There’s also another play structure right beside with ropes to cross, monkey rings, and a twirly slide. 
Nearby are baby swings and another adaptive swing. 

So cute, all in one easy-to-watch area, and fun for all ages. Score. 

Besides the large playground, this park also has: tennis, pétanque, gorgeous soccer field, and the new La Place des Angevins – part of the city’s 375th legacy projects. There are also public washrooms, drinking fountains, a large wheelchair accessible swing (brilliant design), and a community floral garden. You’re also right beside the borough’s city hall and library, making this a great destination park for area residents.

Things to note:
-There is a parking lot right on Goncourt, but read the signs, parking is not allowed at certain times. 
-The playground is fenced on three sides, but there are no gates. (It IS fully fenced along the road.)
-Washrooms are right beside the playground, but there were no posted hours. They were locked when we visited around 8:30am.
-Picnic tables are right in the playground, or wander over towards city hall and there are more as well as the giant multi-generational table as well as a drinking fountain. 

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