Pierre-Mercure Park

I remember hearing a while back about a park being built in this area, so naturally I drove by. A few times. That was a couple of years ago. 
Anyhoo, fast forward to the hell year that is 2021 and it’s been built! Good news for all the kids and families of the area. 

My two twerps were immediately intrigued by the hill and its built-in play modules like the fun triple slide, the hoop-kinda things, and the cable climber. Also, the balls.
“Yes, I get it.”

Are girls also like this?

They also greatly enjoyed the artificial turf hill and took turns pushing each other down, pretending to help each other up and then pushing each other down, pushing each other down the other side into the dirt, and then seeing who could slide down the fastest on their flip-flops. 

In the rest of the park is a cool and imposing cable climber, a fun windy-snake balance thing, a saucer swing, two baby and two adult swings. Nearby is an inclusive merry-go-round spinner, and another of Elephant Play’s products: the Rotating Dish.

My kids loved the weirdness of the park, I really liked the hill (and wish more parks would integrate something similar), but I wish that wood chips had been used rather than sand and a harnassed swing added. Because really, only the merry-go-round is inclusive. 

Things to note:
-Most of the park is on sand, while some is on poured-in-place rubber. 
-It is hot. The only shade is under the three big yellow umbrellas shading a trio of picnic tables. 
-There’s a drinking fountain.
-No fencing.
-Street parking is available all around the park. 

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