Ravel Park

This was the THIRD time coming here, trying to take pictures. 
The first time was after we visited nearby Mozart Park, but it was full of daycare kids.
The second time was after we visited nearby Vivaldi Park, but it was full of daycare kids. 
And this time, empty. Phew.

This little neighbourhood park is mostly geared towards toddlers, with a cute play structure with easy stairs, a slanted crawl tube, slides, and various ladders. 
In the surrounding sand are two truck spring riders, a teensy hammock-type swing close to the ground, and two adult and two baby swings.

Bring a snack as there’s a shiny and clean picnic table right beside the play area.

Things to note:
-Like many of Vaudreuil’s newer parks, there isn’t a speck of shade. You’re going to roast.
-The park is not fenced.
-There’s some greenspace here that could hold a mini soccer game. Or a soccer game for mini players. 

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