Jeu d’eau du 150e

I read the call for tenders for this park last year, then never heard anything about it again. 
But, TA-DA, it’s already finished and opened a couple of weeks ago, and it is BEAUTIFUL.

It was a tad hard to find, and even with the directions of “(espace vert à l’angle de l’avenue Saint-Charles et du chemin Paul-Gérin Lajoie)” on Vaudreuil-Dorion’s website, I couldn’t see it. 
I parked the car beside the water in the lot at Parc Paul-Gérin-Lajoie, and we just wandered around looking for it. But nothing. Thankfully, the sound of children playing got my attention and I could see some tall sprayers way off in the distance, right ON chemin Paul-Gérin Lajoie and beside the CPE La Relève. It’s actually so close to their building that it almost seems like it’s the daycare’s private splash pad, but YES, this is a public splash pad. 

There is nowhere to park, so I went into the empty lot across the street, we carefully crossed at the crosswalk, and were DELIGHTED to find this super colourful, cheery, and fun water area with its painted base in homage to Canada’s sesquicentennial (150 birthdays!), which was in 2017. 

Pointe-Claire’s Vortex has made another wonderful splash pad here. Kites spray from up high, water cascades down tall trees, there are small bubblers which toddlers will love, the gentle Waterbugs, and the ridiculously fun Bamboo Ring which we haven’t seen before and has colliding streams of water. Spin it and watch out!
It’s really just so pretty and colourful, and I like that there are products that all ages will enjoy. 

Things to note:
-The water is on everyday from 9am-8pm.
-There is NO playground here, it is just the splash pad. 
-Nearby are some beautifully painted picnic tables.
-There is no fencing.
-A porta-potty is stationed near the water area. 
-There’s nowhere to park on the street, I went into the empty parking lot directly across. DON’T park in the daycare’s lot!
-Vaudreuil is continuing their trend of parks with zero shade. So, there is zero shade. 

Jeu d’eau du 150e – Vaudreuil-Dorion from StrollerMom on Vimeo.


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