Jean-Duceppe Park

This park, and especially the splash pad/fountain, are like a work of art. Check out Google Images for some very cool overhead shots of the entire park!

Without the water on, you’d think the central section was just an “aire de détente”, but turn it on and there are SUPER tall jets reaching to the sky, misty sprays, and dancing streams of water all over. It’s all very pretty and nice to watch even if you don’t want to get wet. 
Surrounding the water area are benches, as well as the concrete “benches” right within the sprays. Sit there if you dare!

Behind the water section (and not within eye sight) are the two playgrounds. Parents of runners will appreciate the fully-fenced and gated toddler playground. It’s entirely on sand and has a good play structure, a variety of spring riders, a seesaw, four baby swings, and picnic tables right nearby and within the fencing. 
Just outside of one of the gates is the big kid area which is on a poured-in-place rubber base with all sorts of modern products from Kompan. There’s the wiggly balance beam, a stand? sit? swing-type contraption, and a sleek-looking metal and cable climber. Kids can also scale the rope climber, or use the adult swings, which are on sand, except for the adaptive swing which has a brilliant ramp right up to it ensuring that all kids can play together.  

The rest of this large park holds a beach volleyball court, pétanque, tennis courts, and a huge expanse of grass where people were very seriously flying kites. There’s also a great-sounding market (complete with food trucks) on Fridays. Details below.

Things to note:
-The water is on from 9am-9pm.
-Tennis info can be found HERE
-On Friday evenings into October you can find a farmers’ market here as well as entertainment. More info HERE.
-Curious about the large work of art in front of the splash pad? More info HERE.
-When we visited there was a porta-potty near the water area. 

parc Jean-Duceppe from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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