Tassé Park

“Go, go, go!”

And so began our sprint up the path to take photos, before the daycare kids came around the corner. And we made it. Phew!
Every time we’ve been around this area of Saint-Laurent we’ve tried to take pictures here, and each time all the surfaces have been covered in kiddos; so this time I vowed we would make it before they took over. HaHA!

This little park has two play structures, some balance toys (a cool skateboard), a sand shovel, and the utterly adorable two-kid bee spring rider. 
The toddler structure doesn’t have stairs, but the black rubber stools are easy enough to cross to climb up to the small slides or use one of the metal ladders. The larger climber has all sorts of ladders and rungs, sky wheels, a rock wall (missing some handles), and a tall twirly slide.  

While were there reallllly early in April so there was no tree shade, there are numerous mature trees around the play areas, as well as a cute shade structure in the middle of the park covering two picnic tables. 
The swings weren’t reinstalled from after the winter, but it looks like there are probably six baby and two adult swings. 

Things to note:
-The playgrounds are on sand. 
-The park is fenced but there are NO gates at the road. 
-There’s a drinking fountain beside the picnic tables. 

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