Robert-Mitchell Park

We hadn’t previously tried to find this park because:
1. Saint-Laurent still has it listed as “under construction” on their website.
and 2. It didn’t even show up as a park on Google Maps. 

But lo and behold, it’s there. At the end of Rue Crevier. And from some of the faded metal, looks like it’s been there a couple of years. 
So ya. Here you go!

This is a nice park for a cool, early spring day, but may be scorching on a hot summer day. Without any trees of substantial size, it’s going to be hot! But luckily, there’s a lovely shade structure right beside the playground with two clean picnic tables.

There are two different play areas, right near each other, and with great sight lines all around. 
The “toddler” area has a unique ground-level climber we haven’t seen before, with dangly bits (the technical term), drums, a mirror, small slide, and climbing walls and rope. Even the littlest ones should be able to try things out. 
You’ll also find a couple of spring riders, a saddle seat spinner, and four baby swings. 

The section for older kids might not excite those much older than 6 or 7. The play structure is bigger, with multiple slides, stairs, a balance beam, monkey bars, stairs and more. But everything is on a small scale and not super challenging. Not that it’s not cute and fun, but just not…tall and challenging and fun. Four adult swings are nearby. 

Curious about Robert Mitchell? I know, so was I! You can read about him and his history in Saint-Laurent HERE

Things to note:
-Everything is on sand.
-Besides the open sided shade structure, there is no shade in the park.
-There is a drinking fountain right near Rue Crevier.
-Street parking was quite easy.
-The is a pretty good park for plane spotting as it’s right under a flight path.
-There a court for…pétanque? Bocce? One of those.
-The park is basically unfenced.
-There’s a community garden in the park which I assume is for the nearby condos. Very interesting to see raised beds here!

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