Alexis-Nihon Park

Or the lava. 
That is our go-to game whenever we see this super cool climber from Landscape Structures Evos® line. Tons of ropes and ladders, spinners, balancing boards, rings to climb through, and swinging “bridges” to cross. Even the little guy was able to climb the spiderweb and get up the tricky ladder to the slide (with me spotting him from below very, very closely!)
We love the originality and complexity of this climber (there’s also one at Heritage on the Lake in Pierrefonds and Chamberland in Saint-Laurent). At first it’s like “what do we do?” but just let the little ones’ imaginations go wild, kinda like how I suppose the designer came up with it. 
In the same section as the climber are big-kid swings and it’s all on sand and very, very hot as there’s no shade except for a tiny bit over the swings. There is minimal fencing with a BIG open section to the road. 

A couple of yards away is the toddler area (also on sand) with a climber, baby swings, and a few ride-ons. 
The climber (also from Landscape Structures) has no stairs, but rather easy to climb blocks; slides, a tic-tac-toe wall and a metal tunnel which I dared not enter. 
There is NO shade and it was brutally hot even at 9am. 
We explored the rest of the park and looked at the adjacent (locked) wading pool, beach volleyball court, the mesmerizing fountain, and played on the big boulders. 

There were lots of planes overhead as they approached the airport to land. It would be fun on an overcast day for a little ones who enjoy plane spotting. Mine were all “Meh” as we live under a flight path so they’re pretty unimpressed by now 😉


You can find the wading pool schedule HERE

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Fenced toddler park
Baby swings
Big kid park (5-12)
Big kid swings
Parking lot
Street parking
Water fountain
Picnic tables
Seasonal Bathrooms
Green space
Soccer fields
Baseball field
Tennis courts
Splash pad
Reduced mobility swings
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