The Scary Park

This…”park”, doesn’t appear on Google Maps, or on Pierrefonds’ website.
Therefore, we get to name it. 
Welcome to The Scary Park, otherwise known as The Park That Pierrefonds Forgot. 

This is one of only two parks where both boys completely refused to get out of the car.
“But you have to, that’s our thing!”
“This park sucks!”
“What if I say “I’m sucking on this lollipop?”
“That’s acceptable.”
“We’re still not getting out.”

This park is crap. Rusty swings; cobweb covered, rusting, paint-flaking seesaws that you’re sure to crack your jaw on; a shopping cart tossed into the woods; and all just 14 feet from the road (I measured.)

It doesn’t appear on Google Maps, which doesn’t matter because you don’t want to come here.
The end. 


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