Wilfrid-Vincent Park

This is a small park with a big play structure, but not much for toddlers besides the low-to-the-ground seesaw and the baby swings.

The climber from Miracle Recreation will challenge older kids, but unless your 2-year old can scale a slanted rock-climbing wall, they’re not going to have any luck getting to the small slide. 
For big kids they can go through the tricky giant metal Hula rings, go up the Twisted Vine Climber with its teensy-tiny steps, go across the wiggly  Tensile Net Climber, or up one of the other really interesting ladders. There IS a small two-rung ladder going up to one of the higher slides and my 3-year old was fine with it, others might not be. 

There are also two big and two baby swings, and a few benches around the outskirts of the sand. No fencing by the road and the climber is quite close to the edge.
A good park is you’re with older kids, but I’d skip it with smaller ones unless they’re happy playing in the sand. 

Toddler park (2-5)
Fenced toddler park
Baby swings
Big kid park (5-12)
Big kid swings
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Street parking
Water fountain
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Seasonal Bathrooms
Green space
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Baseball field
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Splash pad
Reduced mobility swings
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