Lasalle Park

We first visited this park in 2014, and revisited the AMAZING new splash pad and wading pool in 2016 & 2017. Here’s the updated post.

Note: LaSalle Park is not in LaSalle. It’s in Lachine.

My mom said “Go and visit Lasalle Park, it’s right near where I grew up!” See evidence below!:

I always listen to my mom, so we drove over and parked on 10e avenue, then trotted across to the (HUGE) park.
Like HUGE. I think everything is here that you would want in a park.
Skate park
Designated graffiti wall
Lawn Bowling
Walking paths
A stream and pond
Shaded woods
and the lovely resort-like splash pad and wading pool. (more later)

Of course, there’s also a toddler and big-kid park. The toddler section is fully fenced but not gated and is on a wood chip base. There’s a big climber from GameTime that is mostly toddler accessible with stairs and the Rumble and Roll Zip Slide on one end; and then connected by the Incline Cosmix Climber bubble wall are some more slides as well as ladders and walls to climb.
At ground level is a semi-circle of musical instruments including bongos, udus, ashikos, and djembes. (I had to look all those up!). “Mommy! We can do a whole band!” There are also spinny saddle seats, a sand digger, a ride-on dinosaur, a rotating web climber from Berliner, two baby swings and an “S” shaped climbing wall.
Even if your toddler is too young to be able to handle the climber, there are enough ground-level activities to keep them happy. And bonus, no sand!

Just a short ways away, is the big playground (which IS on sand), with a GIANT climber from Miracle Recreation. Kids can climb the metal rungs and ladders, crawl through the hula bridge, swing from the sky wheels, twirl on the Hang-A-Round, or cross the moveable waffle wall. There is also a very high (but with a good staircase) Typhoon twirly slide, an infinity climber, and big-kid swings. There’s no shade here but just behind is a pine forest where you can run around, or on a sunny day, get some shelter.

Walk west and near the middle-ish part of the park is the new-in-2016 splash pad and wading pool.

The wading pool is fully fenced and available to everyone. I was assured that “Les piscines et jeux d’eau sont pour le monde, résidents ou non.” So, if you’re not a Montreal resident, no worries! Also, it’s free 🙂
The wading pool is sparkly and clean and has a gradual beach entry on one side, and two small steps on the deeper side. The water at its highest was up to just above my knees and came to about waist height on my 3.5 year old. There are Sneaky Soaker dumping buckets in the middle and a gently spraying umbrella sprayer. If your kids don’t like getting water in their face, there are spots where the sprays don’t reach and there were quite a few babies enjoying the shallow water with their parents. Surrounding the water are lounge chairs, giant shade umbrellas, and a whole section that is fully fenced AND gated with five picnic tables.

Up the path are two different splash pad zones. The small, misty whale sprayer is right next to the chalet and bathrooms, and within the fenced area, while the main splash pad is outside of the fence and open to the surrounding park. 
With nature-themed products from Waterplay Solutions, the splash pad has plenty of room to run around, and great features including the Spiral Spray, the super tall Rain Forest tree, water cannons, ground jets, a Funbrella, and spinning flowers. There are quiet parts for little kids including the ground Lily Pads with their flower images, and the 360º U.S.O.(unidentified spraying object) which sends out gentle water around its edge. 

Around the perimeter of the water area are permanent Adirondack chairs and under the trees (with great shade) are a pile of picnic tables. We left our towels and shoes at one of the tables and I just brought my bag with wallet and camera with me to the wading pool and stuck it on a boulder along the edge. There are no cameras or cell phones allowed on the deck of the wading pool, so the photos are a mashup from before the facility opened and our subsequent visit.

Things to note:
-Bathrooms are only available when the wading pool is open.
-Because the wading pool is guarded and fenced, it has different hours from the open splash pad. 
The wading pool is only open from June 23 to August 20, 2023, from 12pm to 6pm. May close depending on the weather.

Read more about the wading pool here HERE.
The splash pad is on everyday from 8am-9pm. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE

LaSalle Park – Lachine from StrollerMom on Vimeo.


  • StrollerMom's Mom says:

    Awesome memories from this park !!
    So different in the playground equipment (we only had swings & teeter-totters & slides & monkey bars), but so much the same in beautiful landscape & venues.
    We had so many picnic lunches by the water & windmill 🙂
    I wonder if they still have music concerts in the grandstand ?

    Lovely lovely memories 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    we hit this park today and it was amazing – we are using this website to fill our summer – thanks!

    • StrollerMom says:

      Yeah! I think it might be my favourite park this year 🙂 I’ve told my city’s park department to go there for a “field trip” to get some ideas.
      I’ve got lots more interesting places coming up, including the park from this morning where we rented canoes, and an archaeological dig that we watched and helped with in Verdun!

  • kimbarabe says:

    me and my 2 daughters LOVE being outiside and strolling through parks ad bike paths and going for walks and i was looking online to see about new parks and such and i came across lachine park and i realized that ive never been there so we went there for the first time today !!

    it wasnt sunny it was rather chilly and no sun and started to rain though we only stayed for 10 minutes but those 10 minutes were so preciously enjoyed from my two girls they didnt want to leave such a fun park its big and lots of run around space enough benches for a family to sit lots of water fun too, since its april the water funs arent open but this is gonna be our summer park wihout a doubt!!! ♥

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