❄ Sledding- Hermitage Park

This was a really fun little hill for everyone. The sledding area is in this weird basin, which makes for basically four sides on which you can sled. There are steeper parts, shallow parts, long and short. My six-year old found a higher area and we could easily watch him while helping out the two-year old on the little slopes.
Bonus is that it is all right beside Hermitage park which has a heated chalet with washrooms and water fountains, as well as the playground (good access even in winter), and two skating rinks.
Parking in available in a small lot right beside the chalet.

There’s also a popular skating event in January with skating games, inflatables, music and hot chocolate (stay tuned for winter 2017 details)

Sledding-Hermitage Park from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

Summer review of the park here

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