Hermitage Park

What a great little park! Two sand diggers, lots of spring riders, an in-ground trampoline, an Xccent Play X-Wave, and an easy to navigate toddler climber by Landscape Structures.
With easy platforms, the ABC Climber, a mirror panel, slides, bubble panel, and steering wheel; my little guy was happy to putter around on his own exploring.
The big-kid climbers by Jambette and Kompan are impressive with a whole lot of (difficult) scaling options (no stairs), and the cutest “hammock” under one. But really, could they have made that Jambette Xyrä-1 look any more creepy and spidery? *shudder*
Everything is all in one space making it easier (but really, is it ever really easy?! Ha!) to watch kids of different ages.
This park also boasts two adaptive swings, and is one of only TWO parks in Pointe-Claire to have any. Though the swings are on sand, which makes them rather difficult for anyone with reduced mobility to actually get to….

Hermitage has a park program during the summer and they were just unlocking the chalet at 9:30am when we were there. Bathrooms and water fountains are available inside.
My 18 month old enjoyed climbing the stairs to the soccer fields. Eleven times.
I’d like to thank the brilliant person who put rubber treads over the concrete steps! They made for less bloody knees.
He also made a beeline for the daycare on the other side of the soccer fields because their playground looks AWESOME!

After hanging around in the playground for a while we headed down to the sunken field where the little one threw gravel down the manhole for a while. This is an odd little spot. There’s no fencing, there’s no soccer nets….it almost seems like it should be a dog run, but it’s not. Hmmmm. Mystery!

p.s. I’m told by a mom from the neighbourhood that the little hill surrounding the field is a popular place for winter sledding. UPDATE! We came here to sled and it was fun, read that review HERE.
There’s also a popular skating event in January with skating games, inflatables, music and hot chocolate. 

Good shade, but quite a few mosquitos.

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  • Cathern Harrison says:

    Hi Stroller Mom, I am a grandmother to six children between the ages of 4 to 19, We live in Dollard des Ormeaux, only a two minute walk away from Hermitage Park so all six grandchildren have enjoyed playing there when we have they with us.
    My understanding is that the sunken field you mentioned is a catch basin for heavy downpours. It was dug out after a storm was flooding basements.
    The sloop on the southwest corner is a great hill for sliding in the winter and for me all the sides are a great work out to walk up and down – had forgotten about that so may just head over there today to do just that 😀
    Found you looking for a park in Pierrefonds I will be helping to cleanup on Sunday as part of the ‘Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup’. After checking that park out had to check others… and may go visit some then grandchildren are here.
    I will be posting your blog on Facebook so others can check out parks for their children or grandchildren 😀

    Fantastic work and photos as well.

    Cathern Harrison D.D.O.

    • StrollerMom says:

      Thanks for the kind words Cathern!

      I figured it was a catch basin of some sort, there’s a similar one in Kirkland, but it also seemed like an unfenced dog run….So thanks for clearing it up!
      We have a “sledding” section on the website in the winter, so there’s some video of us at Hermitage in the winter.

      Hope you enjoy finding some new parks to play at with your grandkids. We have every single West Island park on the website, except for two in Pierrefonds that the kids didn’t want to visit! You can do a “search by map” in the top menu, or search by city.
      Have fun!

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