Lansdowne Park

You have to know this park is here or you’ll never find it! Partially fenced but not gated, it’s in a very quiet area with little to no street traffic.

Dinosaurs galore! In the toddler area you’ll find: A two-person ride-on dinosaur by GameTime (the one that is popular in DDO parks), a little stegosaurus spring-rider, AND a very easy to climb dinosaur climber by Landscape Structures (you’ll find the same one at Tudor Court Park). TWO seesaws (a single and a double), baby and big swings, a dinosaur cutout, and a nice mature treed area that looks great for picnics or a game of hide and seek The big-kid area is just across the path, making it fairly easy to keep an eye on both sides. NEW in 2016 is a triptych of ground-level activity panels including an abacus, alphabet panel and an adorable puppet theatre. This is the only part of the playground that’s on sand, and the rest of the equipment is all on wood chips. 

The toddler was thrilled with all the dinosaurs and the easy to scale play structure. I love this particular gentle model of seesaw because I don’t worry about them breaking their teeth! His big brother was happy with the twirly Typhoon slide, swings (there are a total of eight adult swings), and the spiderweb rope climber. But mostly they both pretty much stuck in the toddler section.
This is a cute neighbourhood park that has always been empty whenever we’ve visited. Nice if you just want to play quietly for a while. 

p.s. Yes, he clutched that empty Wheat Thins box the entire time we were there. 

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