Remembrance Park

UPDATE: The area of the park with the nest is now marked “residents of the apartments/condos only.” 🙁

Despite being here since 2013, this park isn’t on Lachine’s website on their parks page, OR on Google Maps!
So it was a good thing I got lost a couple of weeks ago and saw it when I came down Rue Remembrance.
Alas, I didn’t have any children with me so we came back on a delightfully warm spring day to try everything out. 

Tucked in the shadow of a condo building, this almost seems like it’s a private playground for the condo owners, but nope, it’s a municipal park. 
Park on Rue Remembrance at the base of 24th Avenue (check the signs!) and follow the short path to the toddler area. There’s a cute little play structure here with stairs, a rock climber, and different slides. Just beside is an adorable kid-sized table and benches with an intricate and tactile pattern of foliage and critters. There are also two baby swings nearby.

Now, you might think “is that it?”, but NO! Continue on the path, and beside the next building is the big-kid playground.
Fully fenced, this area has some really cute and different play products. There’s the always cheery dragonfly seesaw (or in our case, it became a bucking bronco), and a bright bench styled like giant leaves. 
Climb up Jambette’s tri-sided, bug-like climber, or sit in the GIANT NEST! Gah, it’s so cute.
We couldn’t decide if it’s a dinosaur nest or a bird nest. I think we finally agreed on dinosaur. 
And then there are the tall “trees” to climb.
All in all, this was a neat park and it was so cool to see the nest, which was new to us.

Things to note:
-Both play areas are on wood chips. There are no sand areas.
-Weirdly, the toddler section has no fencing, but the area for older kids is completely fenced and gated. 
-There are no adult swings.
-There’s some shade in the morning as the buildings partially block the sun, but I imagine afternoon is full sun. 

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