de la Marina d’escale Park

Built as one of the “legacy projects” to celebrate Montreal’s 375th anniversary, Parc de la Marina d’escale recently reopened after an almost complete renovation.
Newly added is a splash pad, benches and picnic tables, the lovely and relaxing swinging benches, an open-air amphitheatre with granite benches and new paths.
This is a great spot to stop if you’re touring along the Lachine Canal, visiting the Lachine Fur Trade Museum, or stopping at Dairy Queen for a cool summer treat. 
It was a gloomy day when we visited in early September, and the splash pad was still on (see the super short video below), but neither of us dared go in! The button to start the water sequence is located on the ground closest to the south edge. Just give it a little touch and the various ground jets will start their dancing 🙂 There are also in-ground lighting so someone needs to go at night and take some pics for me!
Just beside the splash pad are benches, drinking fountains, and a shaded picnic table. 
The park is located right along the waterfront so there are great views of passing boats and picturesque spots to have a picnic. 

You can read more about the Montreal 375th legacy projects HERE.

Things to note:
-The splash pad should be on from 8am-9pm during the summer season.
-PAID street parking is available right along Boulevard Saint-Joseph, or you can try your luck on one of the side streets.
-There is NO fencing around the splash pad. 
-The bike path crosses right through the park, so make sure to keep your eyes open, or else you risk getting sideswiped by a passing cyclist. 
-We found a porta-potty right on the bike path just west of the amphitheatre. 

Parc de la Marina d’escale – Lachine from StrollerMom on Vimeo.


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