Painter Park

There’s a lot going on at this park. A pool, wading pool AND supervised splash pad; basketball court and a cool triple hoops doodad, playgrounds, tennis, a mini library in the chalet, and even a bicycle fixing station!

We visited back in late spring before the pools were opened, so there’s no great pictures, but besides the regular pool, there a lovely-looking wading pool and salamander (lizard?) splash pad. Because of the wading pool the whole area is fenced and supervised, you can check the link at the bottom for the times and dates. 

On the other side of the chalet you’ll find the playgrounds. Partially fenced (but with areas open right to the road), the playground is divided into a few sections and features a lovely gazebo for hot or rainy days. There’s a cute toddler climber with stairs, ladders, small slides, tic-tac-toe wall and a mesh crawl tunnel. Right beside in the sand is the multiple-kid Kompan’s garden seesaw, and nearby are eight baby swings. 
The area for big kids also has eight swings, the neat Supernova “hamster wheel”, a tricky metal play structure, some stand-up spinners, and a mobius strip climber
There are lots of benches around, nice new cement walls to sit on, or try one of the picnic tables with built-in chess boards. 

Things to note:
-The chalet at this park is home to the mini Mini-bibliothèque de Chameran. You can find more information including hours and services at THIS LINK
-You can find the schedule and hours for the pool. wading pool, and supervised splash pad HERE
-It’s hard to see the cool salamander splash pad from through the fence, but you can see the neat design in this Google Satellite picture:
Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 1.27.39 PM

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