Beauharnois Shopping Centre Playground

This was the strangest find!

On our way out of town after visiting the GORGEOUS new Centre Aquatique Beauharnois, we drove past a strip mall and saw this!

I don’t know if this is a municipal park, or something installed by the owners of the shopping complex, but it’s brilliant. 
It’s situated right near a Dairy Queen, Subway, Dollarama, SAQ and more so you have tons of choices for snacks, or just have a seat and let the little ones out to play. This is so much nicer than sitting inside to eat. 

The design at this park is striking, with brightly coloured lounge chairs (LOUNGE CHAIRS in a parking lot!!!), picnic tables, and there’s even some stunning artwork. Sit on one of the benches near the play structure, or under the wooden shade area and let the kids get out the crazies. 

Now I wish every mall had something like this. 

Things to note:
-Yes, it’s in a parking lot, but it’s SO PRETTY. I kid you not, even the garbage can was nice.
-There is NO fencing around any of this eating/playing area, but there are gardens around the playground part.

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