Chopin Park

This little park is filled with fun and whimsical products, some that we haven’t seen anywhere else!
The Playworld items are colourful, bizarre, and have little surprises all over. Run around the playground trying to find the various nature images hidden around, climb up the bizarre purple tree roots, cross the rubber bridge, or balance on the tree stumps and logs. 
I’d say this is primarily a toddler park, or for those a bit older, and it’s nice that there’s some more challenging designs, but some standard things like stairs and slides. Stay at ground-level, or make an obstacle course and time yourself going around. 

Everything is on sand, and you’ll also find some cute spring riders, a seesaw, and four adult swings. Curiously, there were NO baby swings. Odd!

We were here around noon and the playground and surrounding areas were nicely shaded. 

Things to note:
-There’s no fencing.
-Benches and picnic tables are nearby. One table was in need of some repairs. 

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