Father Martin Foley Park

Why don’t my gardens look like these??
I water, I weed, I whisper tenderly to my impatiens, yet they still look like they’ve been run over by a soccer ball. 
Wait a second…

This sunny little park has a nicely shaded picnic table and quite a lot of equipment for its size. Just because it’s so sunny, it’s all a bit faded, but you’ll find two spring riders, a seesaw, a metal climbing structure, big and baby swings, a tiny play structure (with stairs), and a tall stand-alone slide (again with stairs). 
I’d give everything a coat of paint just to freshen it up a bit. I saw this done at another park and it looked like it had all new equipment!

Things to note:
-There’s no fencing.
-It’s very sunny!
-Street parking is available on the surrounding streets. 

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