Terry Fox Park (Kirkland)

Mini update Fall 2016: A couple of cute chairs and a picnic table have been added, but I didn’t update the photo gallery. 

We had seen this park in the middle of winter when we were just wandering around in the car one day.  So it was on our list of parks to visit as soon as everything melted.
So after the loooong and cooooooold winter, the little one and I were happy to put on some shorts and get back into the park groove. 
At first I thought that this playground was brand new, as there’s a nice fresh layer of aromatic cedar wood chips under all the play equipment. But on second glance, I think it’s older with a bit of a facelift. The equipment is all in pretty good shape. Granted, someone has tried to light one of the tunnels on fire, and the wall panel on the toddler climber is a bit broken, but all in all, there was some good equipment here.
This is a great park if you’ve got kids of varying ages and abilities as it’s small and everything is right beside each other. 
The toddler climber from Landscape Structures has stairs and wide platforms to access the tunnel, steering wheel, and slides. I like how safe and easy it was for him to climb around. (Notice my mad skillz in the picture gallery on the brown/white activity wall!)

My 2.5 year old was also able to scale the “mountain” MegaRock wall on the larger climber from GameTime. I clamoured up after him, narrowly avoiding whacking my head on the metal bar. Once you’re up, you can choose from the three awesome slides (bumpy, twisty, super twisty!), or go down the long steep tunnel (where I got half way down and thought “I could totally nap here.”) There are also tons of monkey bars and things to climb and cross over.  You can even get some homework in as they learn about planets in seven languages from the solar system panel! Underneath the MegaRock you’ll find a dinosaur fossil which mesmerized my little guy. “Oooooooh! DINOSOOOOOOR!”

Shorty loved the ride-on airplane and shared his co-pilot seat with a sweet little guy from a neighbouring daycare. After playing for a minute in the tiny sand section, we had snacks under the beautiful large tree and picked some dandelions for a bouquet. 

***While there was shade under the large tree, most of the playground was in full sun when we were there at 11am. There are not many trees around the south side. 
The park is fully fenced but with an open gate. 

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